Before you interview your next candidate, ask yourself the questions below and think about how you would answer. Even though no applicant may actually ask you these questions, these are the ones they really want the answers to. So, when a promising applicant doesn’t ask, tell them these are questions you often get and give them your answers. It’s a great way to sell them on the job and the company.

  1. Why should I want to work for your company?

  2. Why would I want to work for the person who will be my boss?

  3. Why would I want to work on the team I will be working with?

  4. What will I need to do in order to meet my manager’s expectations?

  5. How will I be rewarded if I exceed those expectations?

  6. Why is this position vacant at this time? What happened to the last person in the position?

  7. Without giving me a name, tell me about the worst employee on your payroll, what they do or don’t do, and why they are tolerated.

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