Why have mel speak at your next meeting?

For over 35 years, Certified Speaking Professional Mel Kleiman has been teaching franchisors, franchisees, corporations, and associations worldwide the latest, proven, best-practice tools and techniques needed to “Hire Tough, So They Can Manage Easy.”

informational content

A recent Successful Meetings magazine survey reports that 93 percent of meeting participants rate informational content as the most important reason to attend a meeting or event.


In today’s uncertain times, attendees aren’t looking for motivation, inspiration, pep rallies, or prizes.

They want solid, concrete, and usable take-home information to cut costs, adapt to change and improve profits.

Innumerable research studies tell us that the number one key to retaining customers and growing any business is to have great employees. 

That’s why there is no task more critical to business success than the ability to hire and retain STAR* employees. 

*STAR employees are Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable and Responsible.

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