Hiring Tools

Anything that can be used to make it easier for companies to identify, hire, and retain STAR employees. The tool chest includes software to manage each step in the hiring and retention process. 

• Forms: to gather information from applicants and help managers do a better job interviewing and onboarding. 

• Test: to identify the skills and characteristics applicants have to guarantee that they will be successful in the positions they are hired for.

Systems Design

Edward Deming said, “The system will always give you 100% of what the system is designed to give you.”

If you are hiring great employees, you have a system designed to hire great employees, but the reverse is also true. If you hire employees who will not follow your procedures, you cannot trust, and will not take of the customer; then you have a system designed to hire just that.

We help companies build and implement systems that will hire and retain STAR employee. 

The key to hiring success is a systematic and scientific process that maximizes the odds of hiring the best.

Pre-employment Testing Tools

“Screen in the best. Avoid the rest.”

Humetrics offers a variety of cost-effective testing tools to help organizations identify and select top-performing, frontline employees: 

Humetrics PsyMetric assessments are proven predictors of on-the-job performance and used by thousands of organizations. Our comprehensive, customizable library of attitude, personality, and skill-based appraisals provide a unique, cost-effective approach to identifying top talent.

The new  Humetrics LOC (Locus of Control) test is specifically designed to quickly identify STAR frontline employees —those applicants who are Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable, and Responsible.

Hiring Tools Videos

Testing Tools Videos

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