Here are some questions you can use to “work backwards” and hone in on how to hire and retain STAR employees*:

  1. What kind of person thrives in our environment and culture?
  2. What are the strengths necessary to do the job well?
  3. What values must an employee embody to be happy and successful in our culture?
  4. What qualities and attitudes must employees have to succeed here?
  5. What competencies are necessary for the job to be done right?
  6. What kind of support do your employees need and do they get it?
  7. What makes our employees happy?
  8. What causes our employees to tell their friends that our organization is a great place to work?
  9. What are the values that need to be present in the company to create the kinds of employee experiences we seek?
  10. What kind of person doesn’t work well in our culture?
*With a tip of the hat to Joanna Brandi.


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