Why You Can't Find Stars You Need.

STARS are those rare frontline workers who are every manager’s dream:
Self-motivated, Trainable, Accountable, Responsible, and Stable. These are the folks whose attitudes separate them from the rest of the pack — all those just looking for a job— any job. During the hiring process, the reason we can’t tell the STARS from the duds is because all applicants do their best to shine like STARS

While it’s easy to identify those applicants with the skills and experience needed, it’s nearly impossible to ferret out the jobseeker’s real, on-the-job attitudes and their underlying work ethic because applicants are always careful to put only their “best foot forward” so they can “shine.”

This is why we were so excited when, about five years ago, we first learned about “Locus of Control.” We immediately recognized how this information could be used to quickly and inexpensively identify STARS and reduce employee turnover.

Today, when used as a pre-employment screening tool, the Humetrics’ Locus of Control Assessment identifies those job applicants with the CAN DO, POSITIVE STAR attitudes it takes to be a real asset to any organization while it eliminates the time that used to be wasted on unsuitable applicants.

Humetrics offers a variety of cost-effective testing tools to help organizations identify and select top-performing, frontline employees

Locus of Control (LoC) describes a person’s beliefs about the causes of his or her experiences and the reasons for their successes and failures.

Anything that can be used to make it easier for companies to identify, hire, and retain STAR employees. The tool chest includes software to manage each step in the hiring and retention process. 


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