Why use Pre-employment Testing?

Better Selection

Takes the guesswork out of hiring.
Gives you better incite on applicants.
Saves you time and revenue.

Better Retention

Reduces overall turnover. Increase Employee Communications. Adding more to your bottom line.

Screen in the best,
avoid the rest

Humetrics offers a variety of cost-effective testing tools to help organizations identify and select top-performing, frontline employees: 

  • Humetrics PsyMetric assessments are proven predictors of on-the-job performance and used by thousands of organizations. 

  • Our comprehensive, customizable library of attitude, personality, and skill-based appraisals provide a unique, cost-effective approach to identifying top talent.

  • The new Humetrics LOC (Locus of Control) test is specifically designed to quickly identify STAR frontline employees — those applicants who are Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable, and Responsible. 

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10–25 Tests
$ 20 Per Test

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25–50 Tests
$ 18 Per Test

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