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Many pollsters regularly measure and report on employee engagement. Gallup does so regularly. Gallup deems workers as “engaged” based on their ratings of: “key workplace elements that predict important organizational performance outcomes, such as having an opportunity to do what they do best each day, having someone at work who encourages their development, and believing […]\nThe post What Exactly Is “Employee Engagement?” appeared first on Humetrics.
Skim through any online job ads and you’ll find about 95 percent of them have one word in common: “Starting wages based on experience…” “Looking for experienced, energetic servers and kitchen staff…” “We are currently seeking an experienced office assistant…” Why is it that experience is so often our No. 1 criteria? Because we assume […]\nThe post Experience Required? appeared first on Humetrics.
Don’t make your target a number pulled out of thin air or base it on  industry averages. Whether you’re talking employee turnover rates, salary numbers, accident rates, or customer satisfaction, it does not matter what others are doing. The only numbers that matter are yours and you should always be raising the bar. (With a […]\nThe post The Only Numbers That Count Are Your Own appeared first on Humetrics.
To find out more about what really makes a job applicant tick, here’s a great question to use toward the end of an interview with a promising candidate: “Let’s say we offer you the job and you accept the position. Now, it is six months later and you still really love your job and are […]\nThe post Great, New Interview Question appeared first on Humetrics.
“You only have so much time and energy; make sure you invest them in exploring the problems that, if fixed, will yield you the biggest returns.” ~Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates Need a great speaker for your next meeting? Give me a call; let’s talk! Mel Kleiman, Founder & President Humetrics (713) 771.4401 info@humetrics.com\nThe post Words of the Wise appeared first on Humetrics.
I wholeheartedly concur with the lead off to this article by Ron Thomas… “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected, therefore, the two most powerful phrases any leader can use are: Thank you and I appreciate you.” The only way to improve upon that advice is to point out that the […]\nThe post Cheapest Way to Hire & Retain the Best Employees appeared first on Humetrics.
Only let A-players on your team. Really listen to your employees; ask for input and have on going conversations. Deliver what you promised your employees when you hired them. Find out who your employees really are and what they value. Empower your managers to take care of your employees. Train them so well that they […]\nThe post The 5 Keys to Creating a Great Place to Work appeared first on Humetrics.
As an interviewer, there are any number of prompts you can use to get job candidates to divulge more details and give you a more complete picture. When they have finished their response to your question and you want to know more, say: Tell me more… Could you expand on that? Take me through the […]\nThe post How to Get Applicants to Open Up appeared first on Humetrics.
It bears repeating… Find a way to keep in touch with the great people who have left your employ. Keep them on the company newsletter list or keep remembering their birthdays with a card. Let them know you’d welcome them back. You never know; the grass isn’t always greener.\nThe post Re-Recruiting Tip appeared first on Humetrics.
If you want your recruiting ads and posts to attract more applicants, do these two things… Start with a question; when you do, your readers will stop to think about their answer. For example, compare these two headlines: (a)  Life Is Too Short to Not Work Someplace AWESOME! (b) Would You Like to Work Someplace […]\nThe post How to Get More Job Applicants appeared first on Humetrics.

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