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Negligent on-boarding may not provoke a lawsuit, but it sure can create problems. The fastest growing class of lawsuits in America today are those related to employment law. Within this category, the two fastest growing types of cases are those concerning negligent hiring (the employer failed to meet the due diligence requirements and the employee […]
We think new ideas represent progress, but progress often starts elsewhere. Instead of having a meeting to come up with new ideas, have a meeting to review all of the programs and ideas you have implemented in the past year. Evaluate each initiative to determine if it is it giving you the results you want and make one of […]
The slide excerpt below is from a recent workshop on hiring, motivating, and retaining teenage workers: What Motivates Teenagers? Clear Goals, Incentives, Friends, Participation, Communication, Concern, Respect & Courtesy, Great boss and good coworkers, Interesting work What do you think? Is it only teens who respond to these influences in the workforce or is it all […]
According to recent reports, managers spend over 35 percent of their time dealing with workplace conflict. So, once it’s begun, how do you stop the wars between workers? Here’s a suggest method: Bring the conflicting parties together. Never meet with them separately. Let each person tell his or her side of the story without interruption. […]
I don’t really care what your answer to this question is and I am not going to suggest any answers. The power is in the question itself. Not just this question, but any question that challenges the way we work, the way we think, the way we act, and the way we react. Instead of […]
Skim through online job ads and you’ll find about 95% of them have one word in common: “Starting wages based on experience…” “Looking for experienced, energetic servers and kitchen staff…” “We are currently seeking an experienced office assistant…” Why is it that experience is so often our No. 1 criteria? Because we assume an experienced […]
Studies show there are essentially two types of managers (and companies) — those that are accounting-focused and those that are marketing-focused. Accounting-minded managers focus primarily on reducing costs and overhead. This approach appears to make/save money in the short run, but actually has the potential to lose customers over the long-term which causes the manager […]
What if there was a rift in the Space-Time Continuum or, more believably, a change in the federal government’s employment law policies that made it impossible to get rid of any employee who is on your payroll six months from today? How would you change the way you look at your present workforce? Who would you […]
Because we live in a world of “Helicopter Parents” (parents who hover over and are involved in everything their children do) and because the number one reason teenagers quit or get fired is for not being able to work the hours required, when you find a teen you’d like to hire, it makes sense to contact […]
  Most employees cannot tell you their employer’s mission statement and, if the rank and file don’t know what the mission statement is, what good is it? Your employees need to know what you stand for and you have to make it easy to remember.  Here are some examples from employers who got it right: SAPP […]

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