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Here is a great article about a carwash with over 200 employees and 37 locations that has become a great place to work. They don’t just give lip service to the value of their employees, they really walk the talk. Read all about it here.  
What’s the one thing you could do today to improve your relationships?
Although employed fulltime elsewhere, in his spare time, Henry is a graphic designer with expertise in YouTube and social media. Jerry is working part-time at a grocery store while getting a degree in accounting and will graduate at the end of the next semester. Lorna has a business on the side where she helps the […]
It is difficult to gain the trust and loyalty of both customers and employees and this is why the best way to build your business is to deliver those things that are perceived as being scarce. Whatever is scarce is valued. Examples include: Most over-promise and then fall short on delivery. Make it your mission […]
What is the biggest thing standing in the way of your own self-development?
 (Based on a recent article written by Pat DiDomenico for Business Management Daily.) Put your players in the right positions, but don’t be afraid to shift them around. Play to your employees’ strengths, but recognize that shaking up the status quo and giving employees opportunities to shine in different capacities can yield big benefits. Play […]
This is a question I’m always asked during the programs I do. I was asked again just yesterday so, it’s clear to me, the answer is worth repeating here… The interview should last until you are 95% – 100% sure this is a person you want to hire — or don’t want to hire. Then, even when you feel […]
Have someone else sit in on the interview as an observer because that person will be able to do a better job of listening and noticing body language and then be able to give you an invaluable second opinion. This is also a great way to train others to become effective interviewers. (After a couple […]
What one word would you like people to use to describe you and why?
  Do you dread the thought of dealing with an employee’s unsatisfactory performance? If so, I think you may be surprised to find that, when you stop procrastinating and actually work with the person to help them improve and move to the next level, it can be one of the most rewarding facets of your […]

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