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Leadership and innovation: You have to give your employees good reasons to pick your company over your competitors as a place to work and two great ones are outstanding leadership and relentless innovation. Understanding: The best employers are those who spend as much time as possible listening to their employees. Understanding what they like and […]\nThe post What Does It Take to Be an Employer-of-Choice? appeared first on Humetrics.
I recently read an article by a “millennial expert” on ways to keep that generation happily engaged and on-board. I have a lot of concerns about her take on generational differences as well as the quality of the list (which included free snacks or meals, on-site fitness centers, and cell phone stipends). I believe it’s […]\nThe post Employee Retention Tip appeared first on Humetrics.
Here are some questions you can use to “work backwards” and hone in on how to hire and retain STAR employees*: What kind of person thrives in our environment and culture? What are the strengths necessary to do the job well? What values must an employee embody to be happy and successful in our culture? […]\nThe post And the Answer Is… appeared first on Humetrics.
Most jobs require employees. The right employee gets the job done and an inferior one doesn’t do it right or leaves it undone. There’s a spectrum of cost though. Employees require different levels of expense. If you use a cheap employee, you might end up with nothing. Use the right employee and you get the […]\nThe post Getting the Job Done appeared first on Humetrics.
    Great employees don’t jump ship; they are pushed overboard! The question is what did management do that made things so bad they had no recourse but to jump? Need a great speaker for your next meeting? Give me a call; let’s talk Mel Kleiman, Founder & President Humetrics (713) 771.4401 info@humetrics.com\nThe post Great Employee Pushed Overboard appeared first on Humetrics.
Before you complain about your crew, ask yourself a few tough questions: Who recruited them? Who hired them? Who trained them? Who gives the tools they need to do the job? Who coaches them? Who supervises their work? Who holds them accountable? Who keeps them on the payroll? D’OH! That’s right … YOU are the […]\nThe post Unhappy with Your Hourly Employees? appeared first on Humetrics.
Before you interview your next candidate, ask yourself the questions below and think about how you would answer. Even though no applicant may actually ask you these questions, these are the ones they really want the answers to. So, when a promising applicant doesn’t ask, tell them these are questions you often get and give […]\nThe post Even If They Don’t Ask… appeared first on Humetrics.
Could you reduce the pain from today’s record turnover by getting some of your very best to come back? It is often possible because studies show “72 percent of past employees would return to the company if the opportunity arose” and “almost one quarter regret their decision to leave.” Turns out, the top reason for […]\nThe post The Grass Is Not Always Greener appeared first on Humetrics.
When was the last time you evaluated your employees’ workload or looked at your own workload and evaluated if they/you are spending time on the right things (those with the highest pay back)?   Need a great speaker for your next meeting? Give me a call; let’s talk! Mel Kleiman, Founder & President Humetrics (713) […]\nThe post Has It Been a While? appeared first on Humetrics.
Are you giving more work to your best employees because you know they’re the ones who will get things done on time and correctly? If so, make sure you also recognize and/or reward them for the extra effort. It doesn’t have to take the form of a raise or bonus, though you might want to […]\nThe post Valued Employee Retention Tip appeared first on Humetrics.

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