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In The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, the author, aka Santa, gives us his secrets for leadership success. While we all know the magic he performs one day each year, we also need to remember he runs a large and complex workshop the other 364 days of the year. Here are a few of his […]\nThe post Some Secrets from Santa… appeared first on Humetrics.
Below is a list of job perks and incentives published by an “expert” about ways to keep millennial employees happy and engaged at work and to attract new members of that generation to your workforce as well. I have a lot of concern about the quality of the list and the author’s take on generational […]\nThe post What Millennials Want appeared first on Humetrics.
“We do not train future pilots; we train future captains.” I’m a sucker for a good quote and this came from a pilot for Cathay Pacific talking about the pilots he flies with. The comment has leadership written all over it. “We do not train and develop managers; we train and develop future leaders,” should […]\nThe post Train for Leadership appeared first on Humetrics.
Here’s an interview question that will give you great insight into the applicant’s work ethic: “Do you have any friends who have jobs? What have they told you about work?” Need a great speaker for your next meeting? Give me a call; let’s talk! Mel Kleiman, Founder & President Humetrics (713) 771.4401 info@humetrics.com\nThe post Hiring First-Time Workers? appeared first on Humetrics.
When 5,000 people were asked if they’d received any praise or acknowledgement from their employer in the past year, only 7.6 percent answered “yes.” More importantly, when those 380 people were then asked how long ago it happened, the answers were from one week to 37 years ago. Finally, and most tellingly, when asked if […]\nThe post Recognition: Costs Nothing, Works Wonders appeared first on Humetrics.
When you are conducting a job interview, there are only four questions that need to be answered about any applicant: Can they do the job? Will they do the job? Will they do job to the level expected or even better? Can we live with each other? (Will they fit into the organization?) Need a […]\nThe post The Only Four Things You Need to Know… appeared first on Humetrics.
Are you making good use of the five most effective employee motivators? Being able to have some fun at work. Opportunities to learn and grow. Being a valued member of a productive team. Management feedback that helps them be even better at their jobs. Recognition.   Need a great speaker for your next meeting? Give […]\nThe post Employee Retention Tip appeared first on Humetrics.
“You can rent a person’s back and hands, but you must earn their head and heart.”  ~Rodger Dean Duncan Need a great speaker for your next meeting? Give me a call; let’s talk! Mel Kleiman, Founder & President Humetrics (713) 771.4401 info@humetrics.com\nThe post Words of the Wise appeared first on Humetrics.
Take a page from Trader Joe’s HR manual and, whenever a valued employee resigns, offer them a leave of absence instead because: It will make the person feel valued and respected. It will make it easy for that person to come back. It gives you a reason to call them in a couple of weeks […]\nThe post What to Do When a Great Employee Quits appeared first on Humetrics.
This short article from CNBC just might help you optimize your productivity.\nThe post Do You Know Your Chronotype? appeared first on Humetrics.

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