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Want to keep your top talent happily engaged and on board for the long term? Want to inspire your other employees to reach their full potential? It’s easy! All you have to do is show ’em that you care. Starting today, I will post a simple question on Mondays that you can ask several of your employees each […]
Try one or both of these questions when you’re trying to get some insight into an applicant’s attitudes and values: What was the best advice anyone gave you about working when you went to look for your very first job? What advice would you give a friend who just got their first job or took […]
Here are six questions you should ask your best people regularly: Where do you want to be career-wise one year from now?                                             What are the two or three things that need to happen to make this a reality? What is standing in your way now? What obstacles do you see? How will you overcome what […]
If you don’t have an Unique Employment Proposition (UEP), you’d better be willing to pay very well or live with the consequences — high employee turnover and/or low-quality employees.
What are the top three things on your bucket list?
The following is my spin on a Retail Wire opinion piece about what makes a great retailer…   What Makes an Employer-of-Choice So Great? Leadership and innovation: You have to give people good reasons to pick your company over your competitors as a place to work  as well as good reasons to stay. Two great ones are […]
You may want to try this idea from one of the frontline managers I’ve worked with… When she gets an applicant who is working elsewhere, she does a brief telephone screen first and, if she is still interested, she goes to that person’s place of work and has him or her wait on her. This […]
I have referenced W. Edwards Deming and his two most famous quotes before: “The system always gives you 100% of what the system is designed to give you.” “Ninety-four percent of failures are due to systems, not people.” Yet, when most of us have problem, we try to “fix” the people involved or put a […]
Re-recruiting outstanding employees who have left you is the best source of outstanding, new employees. Your workplace has most certainly changed (for the better, I hope) since many of them moved on and you may be able to use those changes to lure them back. Perhaps you have new and/or improved: Policies & Procedures, Perks, Equipment, Managers, Location, Flex hours, […]
Poor performance is contagious. If you won’t deal with it, you will have to learn to live with it. (Luckily, the reverse is true too. Outstanding performers raise the bar for everyone.)

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