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Used to be every employer preferred hiring for skills and/or experience; the thinking was one or both of these traits would help the new hire seamlessly fit into the new job. Today, however, in the wake of ceaseless technological change, it’s all about hiring for talent. So, what is the difference? A skill is the ability […]
Have you told the people you manage how they should manage you?
Back in the day, print media recruitment advertising was a pretty-pricey proposition. You paid by the word, you paid extra for color, you paid for position. No wonder most ads were short and to the point. If you’re writing that same kind of ad for today’s Internet recruiting (via your website, job boards, social media), it’s […]
Your Unique Employment Proposition (UEP) is a list of the top 10 reasons STARS*  should want to work for you. After all, if you don’t know why STAR employees should come to work for you, how on earth will those STARS know to apply? The easiest way to come up with your UEP is to […]
When was the last time you asked someone who works for you how you might make their job easier or less frustrating?
What does it cost you if you hire a non-productive, disruptive employee who adds no value? What does it cost you if you hire an okay employee who does the job, but who is not exceptional, and only marginally helps to maintain value? What does it cost you if you hire a STAR[1] employee, one […]
The best way to do it is to create a culture/work environment that makes you an employer-of-choice in your area. Another way to do it is to apply for the honor. Your local paper, your industry, accounting firms, and national magazines love to make lists of “The Best Places to Work.” The thing is, to […]
In addition to our regular blog posts, we are adding a new feature on Wednesdays called “Just Questions; No Answers.” Our aim is to bring your attention to some of the important things that, in the busy course of our everyday lives, we often overlook. We suggest that, after you read the question, you just […]
Before you call your next meeting, calculate the hourly salary/wage of all those attending and multiply by the number of hours you think it will take. This exercise will usually make you reconsider. However, if a meeting is really needed, you can make it shorter by doing one or all of these: Write an agenda and […]
In sports, the goal is always clear cut… outscore the opponent. You can motivate your work team in a similar way. Whether it’s to outperform a competitor or beat last year’s production record, when you give your employees a definite, measureable target, everyone will pull together and get behind the effort. (And even more so […]

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