Edward Deming said,
“The system will always give you 100% of what the system is designed to give you.”

If you are hiring great employees, you have a system designed to hire great employees, but the reverse is also true. If you hire employees who will not follow your procedures, cannot be trusted, and will not take care of the customer, then you have a system designed to hire just that.

We help companies build and implement systems that will hire and retain STAR* employees because the key to hiring success is a systematic and scientific process that maximizes the odds of hiring the best.

*STAR employees are Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable and Responsible.

Hiring Tools

Humetrics’ unique and cost-effective tools make the hiring process easier and your results more reliable. They have all been developed to help you identify, hire, and retain STAR employees.

Our tool chest is fully equipped with:

• Pre-employment evaluations and tests to identify STAR* employees

• Forms that help interviewers gather better information

• The components of a simple system to help retain valued employees

• Software to automate the entire process