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Uncommon Common Sense

New technologies continue to turn the hourly employee recruiting process on its head. But Humetrics is not about technology. We focus on the basics. What has always held true, holds true today. Whether you use social media, have your own recruiting app, or post ads on Craigslist, we teach business owners, recruiters, and hiring managers the fundamentals:

  • Even when the labor supply is plentiful, superior performers are difficult to come by. If you want the best, you have to know where to look for them and how to attract them.
  • “Never go shopping without a list.” If you don’t define the mental and physical abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and skills needed for success on the job, you’ll end up with a mismatch every time.
  • All the great people who want to work are working. Rather than recruiting people who are looking for jobs, focus on the talented folks who are employed and open to new opportunities or ready for a change.
  • Make it easy to apply. Working people don’t have time to complete your lengthy online or hard copy application blank. Keep it short and simple. If an applicant may be a good fit, you can get all the legal details later.
  • “Help Wanted” isn’t a good reason for anyone to want to work for you. All employers need to develop and publicize their Unique Employment Proposition.
  • “Fish where the fish are.” The best sources of employees are former employees, employee referral programs, and everyone who applies to work for you.
  • Tap into overlooked sources. Direct your recruiting messages to places where the people you want to attract are likely to be – where they congregate, socialize, go for entertainment, work, shop, live, and get information.

For more information about our “uncommon common sense” approach to recruiting hourly employees and the people who manage them, call (713) 771-4401 or email info@humetrics.com.