Why are referral applicants such great new hires? First, because the referred person already has a friend at work and, secondly, they know what it is going to be like working for you because their friend told them all about it.

Here are six ideas to help you get more referrals:


  1. When you ask for referrals, shrink the pool. Don’t ask people if they know of anyone who might be interested. Ask if they know someone from their last job, someone at church, someone in their contact file, or neighbors. When you shrink the pool, it is easier for them to come up with names.
  2. Tell them why you need new employees and why you are asking them. “Bob, we need some new people like you on our team BECAUSE (because is a key word) and give them the reason (we are growing so fast; I want to make your life easier, etc.).
  3. Create a referral reward program. It doesn’t take a lot and it doesn’t have to be money that you give away. (Call 713.771.4401 or send us a note if you want more ideas)
  4. Give the reward to the referring person on the new hire’s first day, not three or six months later.
  5. To get the most bang for your buck and generate some excitement around the program, give the reward in public.
  6. Pay the reward to anyone who gives you a referral (vendors, friends, customers, etc.), not just employees.

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Mel Kleiman, Founder & President
(713) 771.4401


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