In The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, the author, aka Santa, gives us his secrets for leadership success. While we all know the magic he performs one day each year, we also need to remember he runs a large and complex workshop the other 364 days of the year. Here are a few of his important messages for leaders at all levels:

“You can’t possibly focus on your mission without focusing on the folks who make your mission happen.”

“The time I spend hiring the right way is nothing compared to the time I’ll have to spend dealing with the wrong elves or reindeer.”

“A key strategy for leadership success is to involve your team members help running the operation – especially when it comes to making decisions that affect them.

Developing your team is more than just teaching folks how to do their jobs; it’s also about teaching them how to be successful.”

“Nothing motivates employees more than knowing they make a difference.”

“Never forget that getting big things done all year long is not about magic; it’s about leadership.”

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