Below is a list of job perks and incentives published by an “expert” about ways to keep millennial employees happy and engaged at work and to attract new members of that generation to your workforce as well.

I have a lot of concern about the quality of the list and the author’s take on generational differences, but let’s not generalize…

Why not just ask your employees what they want or would appreciate so you can customize your reward and incentive programs to meet their needs?*

Here are a few of those suggestions for your consideration:

  • Free snacks or meals

  • Tickets to a sporting event

  • Support a local charity and give employees option to get involved

  • Paid gym membership or on-site fitness center

  • Wellness programs

  • Volunteering with paid time off in return

  • A casual dress code

  • Cell phone stipend

  • Computer equipment and software programs that can be purchased at an exclusive discount

*For an easy way to do just that, request a complimentary copy of the Humetrics’ Employee Data Sheet. Email with “EDS” in the subject line.


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