waitressLast week, I met Michelle at an upscale resort hotel where she is working part-time as a server. This is her second job. For the last two years, her primary employer has been a family-style steak restaurant (high volume, low price). Michelle told me she took the resort job just for some variety and to make a little extra money for the summer. She is going to college on a partial baseball scholarship (Division A team) and will graduate next year in June.

While I assumed the fancy hotel was the better job, she told me: “I will work here for the summer and pick up some extra money, but I make more money at the family restaurant. Smaller tips per table, but tables turn faster, I have more tables, and, overall, I make more money, about $20 more per six hour shift. I will not leave the steakhouse until I get out of school and get a job in my field (marketing) because they have worked around my schedule and always made it possible for me to play baseball.”

Like I always say: “Give people what they want and they will help you get what you want!”


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