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Pre-Interview Questionnaire Complimentary Trial

Thanks for signing up for a free trial of the Humetrics’ Pre-Interview Questionnaire.  (If you didn’t sign up – you can do so here.)

The PIQ is a new, unique, low-cost tool designed to help you hire STAR employees.

(STARS are Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable, Responsible and Stable.)

What follows is a brief summary of the PIQ’s features and benefits which will answer most of the questions you may have.

  1. The PIQ is designed specifically to be used in the selection of frontline, hourly workers and the people who manage them.
  2. Its focus is on the attitudes that all highly successful, frontline employees have in common. (When you ask hiring managers to make a list of what they look for in a hourly employee, over 80% of their responses will be attitudes like dependability, responsibility, and accountability.)
  3. The PIQ also asks specific questions about past work experience so that the applicant’s answers can be confirmed and further explored if they are granted an interview.
  4. It provides specific questions to be asked in the interview.
  5. It provides examples of what great answers look like.
  6. It categorizes each applicant’s cumulative score so managers spend their time talking only to those with the most potential.
  7. The attitudes the PIQ explores are: Accountability, responsibility, quality of work, and the applicant’s desire to learn and grow.

Everything listed above are the PIQ’s most unique features, but the benefits are what count:

  1. The PIQ helps you hire better employees who will stay with you longer and be more productive.
  2. It saves time formerly wasted interviewing unsuitable applicants. (Giving you lots more time to do all of the other things that need to get done every day.)
  3. It adds dollars directly to the bottom line by dramatically improving productivity and reducing costly employee turnover.

We look forward to getting you started! A team member will contact you shortly.

~The Humetrics Team